Got the package, the blue dream is amazing!  I can’t tell you how happy it has made me to know I have a solid connection, I hope and pray that you never stop offering this service to all of us… I just wanted to thank you and let you know you have a customer for life.
James Curtis

Just recently received my first order from you and all I can say is WOW!! I turned on a good friend of mine and now he wants to go in with me on a larger order. You’ll be hearing from me again real soon….Thank you so much.
Harry puttin

Not sure if I thanked you for this yet….If I haven’t….THANK YOU! Your kindness is slowly restoring my faith in humanity….
 Perfect weight, very quick delivery and very well packaged. Thank you!!!
Payton michelle

I know you said not to let you know when orders are received but I felt the need to tell you THANK YOU!! I have to admit I was skeptical but today my order arrived – the packaging was amazingly good. You can imagine my excitement right now!! Thank you for your legitimate offerings and professionalism. You have a lifelong customer now.
As usual you are the best!
David Melendez

I received the White Widow and my first experience with you was truly amazing! The security, the shipping, the encryption. Top notch service all the way!
David Mas

Smashing success. Packaging and stealth: 100%. Weight: dunno, who cares, trusted you. Quality: looks amazing and after vaping at very low temps, I’m smiling, relaxed, and can focus on my work.Hey MM, Just wanted to say that thanks and you are true to your word! I had many doubts but you have proved me wrong and you have a customer for life! I will be ordering more very soon and i hope you keep this service going. Please DO send catalogs in the future to this email. Thanks again! Appreciate prompt shipping. Great work in the past, really unbelievable work, you should all be proud.What can I say.  You are Medicine Man.  AAA+++   Thank you very much! 
Larry Huston

This is just a nice letter for you, telling you how you have saved my life, REALLY!  I have been using your service over the past few months (because product quality in my state is terrible) in an effort to relieve pain from multiple spine surgeries.  I have been on opiates for at least the last eight years…at least!  Because I started using cannabis, I noticed I needed fewer and fewer opiates to manage my pain.  Just this last month I was able to completely get off of opiates…amazing!  Because I am off of opiates, I feel like a different person.  I still have pain, but I also have a rest for life that I haven’t had in a long, long, long time.  I am now dedicating my life to telling others how to heal themselves, make this medicine legal in my state, and getting the DEA out of my medical care.  You are an angel, for sure!
Dickson Roddes

​Holy smokes man that lemon haze is lovely. My mouth is literally watering as I type.

Dear Mr Medicine man I just wanted to write you a short ty note. Product came in today and I couldn’t be happier! !!!!!!  Man from the packaging to the quality Very impressed!!! Well you got another reliable custiee for life. Thanks again guys

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