Quality Concentrates
Our marijuana dispensary offers a variety of cannabis concentrates to our patient .
Concentrates are condensed cannabis medicine with very little plant matter, making them a safe and healthy alternative method of in-taking medicine. Every type of concentrate described below can be vaporized, baked into edibles, infused into topical or smoked alone or with cannabis flowers.

We always make sure that we are fully stocked on our connoisseur-grade concentrates and tinctures. All concentrates and tinctures are held to the same stringent set of Fusion Medication Standards and are extremely potent. We carry the strongest, most effective, Connoisseur Grade Concentrates, oils, tinctures, hashes, teas, elixirs, topical lotions, kief, and other medical marijuana concentrates.

Concentrates deliver much more of the medicinal cannabinoids in medical cannabis more quickly with less plant matter. THC and other beneficial cannabinoids are extracted from the most potent strains and compressed into hash, oils, or kief.

Cannabis concentrates come in several forms, including hash (which can be extracted with ice water or ethanol), butane honey oil (extracted with butane then purged), CO2 oil (extracted with pressurized carbon dioxide), tinctures (extracted with alcohol) and more.
Girl Scout Cookie x Cherry Pie Amber Shatter– A very strong sativa shatter
combining the legendary Sativa Girl Scout Cookie with the relaxing body effects of the Cherry Pie .
5 grams: $140 
10 grams = $250
Purple Shock Tart Amber Shatter - 
Sweet Candy aroma, this shatter is guaranteed to brighten anyone’€™s day. Soft and malleable, but still snaps apart easily when cooled. Large lung expansion and a smooth bold taste that doesn’t burn the nose on the exhale. Helps with anxiety and puts very euphoric thoughts in your mind. 
5 grams: $140
10 grams = $250

Blue Dream Earwax
Sativa hybrid. Uplifting your mood while decreasing pain, Blue Dream is a great daytime concentrate.
THC: 71.10   CBD: 1.00
A gram cost $30

S.S.D. Wax

Super Sour Diesel, Mellow and euphoric Sativa.
THC: 64.00   CBD: 1.30
A gram cost $30 

Shiva Crystals
Concentrated trichromes isolated through a water purification process. A Bay Area brand that's a consistent crowd pleaser.
Genetics: Blended.

THC: 46.60   CBD: 1.40 

Skywalker OG Clear Concentrate
Clear, bright color with an excellent aroma and strong, yet smooth OG flavor, this concentrate will relax your body and your mind!

THC: 81.60   CBD: 1.60   CBN: 1.20
A gram cost $40

Cannabis Capsules – 
100 grams of concentrated cannabis oil. The high concentration of THC and CBD, and other cannabinoids contained in these Cannabis Capsules provide relief from anxiety, spasms, pain, inflammation, nausea, and reduces the spread of certain cancers. Eating one of these provides a very strong body high and can help reduce or even eliminate pain. One of our best products for pain relief. The high usually lasts 4-8 hours.
Choose from mix Indica strains or Blue Dream.
10 Capsules = $120  
 25 capsules = $220
50 Capsules = $360

Hashish is the extracted resin from a marijuana plant. Hashish can be sticky or hard, powdery or pressed, and color ranges between light green, brown and black, depending on potency and how it is made.

Top Grade = These are usually made using cold-water extraction and sieving with "bubblebags". This product usually comes unpressed, and is best smoked in small quantities on a screen in a pipe or bong. Our A Grade hashes are not "full melt" but they are strong and clean.

Mid Grade = These are usually dry-sift, kif or imported hash varieties. Will range between hard pressed, crumbly and unpressed, powder form.
American Hashish (Top Grade)
7Grams/ $215.00
14Grams/ $230
28Grams/ $400